Local, spray-free, regenerative pasture raised farm produce

Our family has been farming the hills overlooking Golden Bay for 80 years, sharing the bounty of the farm with extended family and friends. We are now able to make it available to you.

Our animals are now killed locally on our farm, in the most humane and stress free way possible - no factories and no long-haul cattle trucks.

We offer direct sales of individual cuts at Takaka Farmers' Markets and in larger packs via our regular delivery service of meat boxes.

Our aim is to grow ethically raised, healthy and contented animals, using spray-free regenerative pasture, improving the capacity of the land to sequester carbon, build organic matter, and protect and enhance our waterways.

We put so much care and effort into growing our animals and we love being able to see this right through to sharing the outcome with you.

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Weekly Deliveries to Golden Bay and Nelson area

This week we are delivering to Golden Bay and Nelson on Wednesday. You can order anytime before Friday if you want to collect at the Saturday market in Takaka.

You can order at any time but we may not be able to deliver until the following week.

If you would like to order different sizes or cuts to what is available please send us a message and we may be able to get it for you in the following week or two.

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Takaka Market

We are at the Takaka market weekly with meat, avocados and eggs.

Please contact us if you have any other queries.

We usually update the shop every week. The timing of this varies to fit in with the changing schedule of Georgie our Butcher. If you would like an email when our stock is added please
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