About Us

Ellis Creek Farm

Ellis Creek Farm is a collaboration between the third generation Thorpe family farming at Clifton, and local star butcher Georgie Moleta. Our families have been farming the Pikikiruna Range overlooking Golden Bay for the last 80 years.

Ellis Creek Farm aims to grow high quality food in an environmentally sustainable and ethical manner.  We wish to sell the farm produce to people who likewise have an interest in eating local ethically raised food grown in harmony with nature.  We aim to encourage more people to consider how their food is produced, and to choose food that matches these ideals.  The farm has always been run in a low-intensity way by our parents and grandparents with a strong focus on the wellbeing of the animals.  We want to build on this foundation, developing our farming practices with our main goals being healthy contented animals and improving the capacity of the land to sequester carbon, build organic matter, and protect and enhance our waterways. We are continuing to work toward organic and regenerative farming practices.

Our family farm is located on the hills above Clifton and has beautiful views over Golden Bay.  The Ellis Creek flows through native bush and via fenced-off watercourses across the farm, and eventually to the sea at Motupipi Estuary.  As it runs through the farm it provides sustenance for the soils, plants, animals and the people on the land, which symbolizes our commitment to our core values:

  • Environmentally sound practices
  • Healthy and contented animals
  • Quality nutrient-rich food products
  • Transparency in all our dealings with customers.

Our family have been farming this land since 1937, when Bob & Phyllis Thorpe bought it from early settler Harry Ellis. Subsequently it was farmed for 50 years by their son Richard and Leentje Thorpe, who are still actively involved on the farm in their eighties.  The land was the site of one of the first wineries in New Zealand owned by the Ellis family, which was captured in the well-known Tyree photo, and also depicted as the mural on the wall of the current BNZ bank building in Takaka.