12 November 2022 – Down on the Farm

Dear All, Thank you again for all your support and encouragement. We couldn’t do what we do with out you! I have put more meat on the website but from this week on supplies will be dwindling. We will still have avocados and eggs for sale however. We are working hard to restore supply as …Read More

6 November 2022 – Down on the Farm – A Farewell

Greetings to you all from the Farm, We hope you are well and enjoying the lovely sunshine. I have just loaded lots more beef onto the website for you to order. A reminder that we are likely to run out of most of your favourite cuts before Christmas so do stock up. We still have …Read More

28 October 2022 – New arrivals down on the farm

Greetings to you all from the Farm, We have some bad news and some good news!Our chiller is full of beef and we will be processing it over the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately we have just heard that our helpful abattoir is unable to make any more private kills this year. It is looking …Read More

15 October 2022 – This Week on the Farm

Greetings to you all  from the farm,This week in the web shop we have our first avocados and  lots of eggs. We still have beef (although less range than normal). We have 60 Avos to sell, so that would be 12 @ 5 in a bag for $10. These early spray free avocados are from …Read More

26 June 2021

Hello all, As I write this it is the 5th Saturday in a row that it has rained. A bit miserable for the Saturday market. After the last two dry years we forget what a normal wet Golden Bay winter is like! We still have plenty of beef and pork for you to order. Due …Read More

19 June 2021 – Meat, bones, and a new calf!

Cow with newborn calf Hello Valued customers, Yes you are valued:-) It is a real pleasure for Andy and I to be able to see the end of all our farm labours in your appreciation for our products. This is something that most farmers miss out on.  We are glad we are able to share our delicious and healthy …Read More

12 June 2021 – Pork, Beef, and Avocados

New pullets settling in to their new home Hello Everyone! One more week of fresh PorkWe hope you enjoyed your taste of our free range, pure Berkshire Pork. I certainly enjoyed the steak Andy fried up for me. Especially delicious with a tamarillo sauce. Georgie has had a busy couple of days cutting up the rest of the pork so this is your …Read More

5 June 2021 – Excited to have Pork available!

Hello Everyone! PorkWe are excited to be able to offer you our trial run of free range pork. It will be available chilled for the next two weeks only as stocks last. Our four Berkshire Piggies have had a good time for the last few months, as piggies like to do, eating grass and then …Read More

27 May 2021 – Beef available again!

Beef tri tip steak Beef Available Again!Great news –  we have a full range of beef cuts in our chiller ready for you to order. I encourage you to get in early because we will also be selling at the market on Saturday morning outside the Telegraph. We also have the farm shop open Wednesday to Friday late afternoons …Read More

9 May 2021

BBQ Time at the Takaka Market On the Farm We have had such a lovely week here in the bay with still warm sunny days but feeling the cold at night. The grass is still growing but slowing down as we move into winter. Yesterday we welcomed two beautiful new lowline bulls who were retiring from Lone Star Farms. There is …Read More