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    From: $3.75
    Choose a selection of meat packs and eggs to make up your own order with your favourites.  Packet sizes are approximate to the nearest 100g (or 50g in some cases).  Some items may be frozen or chilled. Remember to click on "Add to cart" when you have finished selecting packets. If you want more than one packet size, you need to add the first one to the cart, then make up a second box and select the other packet size. The next deliveries are Monday 18th around Golden Bay and Tuesday 19th over the hill to Nelson area.  Please have your order in by 10pm the night before.
    Please read - if you get a message saying "Please resolve all pending configuration issues before adding this product to your cart." when you click on the [Add to Cart] button, it means that you have selected an item but not chosen a packet weight. Unfortunately it doesn't have a "default" weight, even if there is only one weight option left...  
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