There are no deliveries this week as we have very little stock. If you would like to buy from our web page you can make an arrangement to pick up from the market or from the farm. We will email you when we have new stock.

We’re Running out of Meat!
We still don’t have a definite date for getting our next lot of animals away but are hoping to have meat in the first week of August. However we are constrained by a lack of transport options at this time of the year. 

After this week, we expect to resume deliveries in early August.

We will be at the market this Saturday with hot sausages on the BBQ, eggs, avocados and a small range of frozen meat.

Shopping Instructions

Choose a selection of meat packs, avocados and eggs to make up your own order with your favourites.  Packet sizes are approximate to the nearest 100g (or 50g in some cases).  Remember to click on “Add to cart” each time you select a packet weight. If you want more than one packet size, you need to add them one at at a time. For multiple quantities of one size, click on “Add to cart” multiple times, or edit in the shopping cart (if you can’t add a higher quantity it means that we don’t have any more stock in that size).

All meat in the store is currently frozen