Can I come to your farm and buy some meat direct?

We don’t have stocks of meat on the farm for sale sorry – we butcher enough for the Takaka Market and to sell online.   The two options for purchasing meat are either to come along to the Takaka market on Saturday morning, or to order from our website. Make sure that you subscribe to …Read More

What is your bank account number?

If you have chosen to pay by internet banking, you should get an email with our bank details on it. But if you can’t find that, here it is again: 03-1354-0607066-00

What if I’m not home when the courier delivers?

Our boxes don’t require a signature on delivery so the courier will leave them on your door step. If you would like them left in a specific place (eg where you know they’ll be out of the sun), note that on your order and it will go on the courier label. Our boxes are packed …Read More

Can I visit your farm?

Yes, we’d love to see you in person on the farm. Please contact us by email to arrange a time. You can also drive, walk or bike through our farm by following Bird Rd at Clifton which cuts right through the middle of the farm as it winds up to Birds Clearing.

Does all your meat come from the Ellis Creek family farm?

As much as possible we source from our own farm, however occasionally we have to supplement the supply from nearby local trusted farms, where we know the farmer well and are confident that they also put the welfare of their animals first.

About opening vacuum packs with bone-in meat

Sometimes when you open a vacuum pack of meat with bones you might notice an odd smell. This is just lactic acid and is quite normal. It will disappear soon after opening and has no effect on the meat.

Is your farm certified organic?

We believe that there are aspects of running a certified organic livestock farm that are difficult to achieve while still putting the welfare of our animals first, particularly around the prevention of parasites. We do however believe in the fundamental principles behind organic farming, and are working towards incorporating these where we can see that …Read More

How are your meat boxes packaged?

We are now packing orders for delivery in cartons with natural wool insulation and ice packs. In the courier boxes with ice packs the meat stays nicely chilled for at least 24 hours, long enough for it to get from our fridge to yours. For Golden Bay and Nelson customers, the ice packs and wool …Read More

How are your meat cuts packaged?

We hate plastic but it happens to be the only thing that’s really good at preventing blood from leaking through cardboard boxes and other people’s courier packages. We definitely use as little as possible though, so that means no foam trays, just shrink wrap vacuum packs. These can be washed out with warm soapy water …Read More