We are now packing orders for delivery in cartons with natural wool insulation and ice packs. In the courier boxes with ice packs the meat stays nicely chilled for at least 24 hours, long enough for it to get from our fridge to yours.

For Golden Bay and Nelson customers, the ice packs and wool insulation can be recycled back to us so we can use them again (if they’re clean) – we can collect them when we deliver your order in person. If your order comes by courier, you can save them up until we next do an in-person delivery. Currently we refund or credit $2 for a set of returned packaging in good condition.

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We hate plastic but it happens to be the only thing that’s really good at preventing blood from leaking through cardboard boxes and other people’s courier packages. We definitely use as little as possible though, so that means no foam trays, just shrink wrap vacuum packs. These can be washed out with warm soapy water and recycled in the soft plastics recycling collection points once they start operating again later in 2019.

Smaller cuts like steaks are normally packed in pairs depending on the size, and mince etc is packed in portions of about 500g. Larger cuts like roasts and corned beef are usually about 1-1.5kg.

Category: Packaging

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