26 June 2021

Hello all,

As I write this it is the 5th Saturday in a row that it has rained. A bit miserable for the Saturday market. After the last two dry years we forget what a normal wet Golden Bay winter is like!

We still have plenty of beef and pork for you to order. Due to the nature of rainy winter markets our sales are slower at the moment. This means more of our meat cuts may be frozen. Please indicate when ordering if you are unable to take frozen meat. We will contact you to discuss the options.

We are feeding out every day at the moment, topping up the grass with hay and silage.  It is nice to have closer contact with the cattle as they get more and more tame. Quite a few enjoy a good head scratch or hand lick.

We have decided to keep the lambs on good grass for a few more weeks. Thank you for the interest shown. We will let you know when they are ready to order.

As time and budget allows we are progressively fencing off springs and stream tributaries to help enhance water quality and flora and fauna in Ellis Creek. Next step is to transplant natives from nearby bush areas to help it establish quickly. Here is a photo of the latest fence.

We enjoy seeing posts and photos from some of you of your creative meals with our meat. We would love to share some of your recipes on our website.

Thank you to all you lovely customers who still came along to the market – even in the rain – for your hot  Sausage sammy and cold packed meat.

Looking forward to seeing you in the coming week.

Rose and Andy and the Ellis Creek Farm Team

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