19 June 2021 – Meat, bones, and a new calf!

Hello Valued customers,

Yes you are valued:-) It is a real pleasure for Andy and I to be able to see the end of all our farm labours in your appreciation for our products. This is something that most farmers miss out on.  We are glad we are able to share our delicious and healthy food that we have been enjoying all our lives. 

Meat Availability
We have lots of chilled beef available, and also frozen pork. We may begin to run out of some popular beef cuts soon as we might not send any cows to the abattoir for a few weeks – but we are planning to send some lambs. We would like to pre-sell quarters so let us know if you are interested and ask around your friends.

The avocados are also still doing well and we have a good range of sausage flavours for you to choose from.

Fatty, meaty broth bones.
We are trialling a new cut for those of you asking for fatty meat. Georgie has cut up some ribs with a lot of meat still attached. They could be browned first then cooked long in the stock pot to get all the goodness out of the bones. Or they could be slow roasted for a tasty snack.

Lovely Surprise
Yesterday Mum and I went looking for one of the house cows who had not arrived with the other two for her hay. We found her under the trees with a brand new sprightly black calf. The day before Mum had said it would be this month rather than next as originallly thought and she was right. The lowline progeny are usually very easy births with strong little calves and they calve a couple of weeks earlier than normal. We will share milk with the calf as the jersey cow will give heaps of milk. The calf will graze with the cow during the day and sleep in the hay yard over night.

Cow with newborn calf

Thank you for sharing the word about our service. It was good to see a few new names in the orders last week. We have enough meat for more people and would like to be able to sell a bit more than we do so please keep telling people.:-)

Have a Safe week

Rose and Andy and the Ellis Creek Farm Team

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