27 February 2024 – We have meat again!

Yes! At last we have meat for sale again!

We are very proud to have one of the very few regulated on farm (mobile) abattoirs in NZ. This means we can sell you the meat from animals that are killed in their own environment, in a manner that is as stress free as we can possibly make it.

Cattle beast in pen

This has been a huge undertaking and there is still work to be done, but we have regulated farm killed hogget available for you to buy now on our website and will have meat at Takaka village market on Saturday 2nd March. The beef will be available to order later this week. I will send out a short message when it is loaded onto the website.

We are selling the hogget as half boxes. 

At his stage we do not breed our own lambs but these were bought from a local farmer last Autumn and have been grazing on our spray free pastures since that time. 

The beef comes from animals that were raised and grown on our farm.

We also have avocados for sale and plums and eggs at the market on Saturday.

Thank you for your patience with our limited number of eggs. We are in the process of building up the number of flocks on the farm which involves putting together a risk management programme, building new coops and raising the hens from day old chicks.

“When you’ve quite finished with the Best Nest, I’d like a turn…”

Chooks are fascinating creatures… The best nest is the one with eggs in it, but the very best nest is the one with someone else in it.

All the best

Andy, Rose, Jonathan and the rest of the Ellis Creek family

1 thought on “27 February 2024 – We have meat again!

  1. Thanks for the wonderful tour around your farm last Tuesday.
    I am very impressed and it is so good to see where the meat comes from.

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