7 February 2024 – Almost there! …

Welcome to Ellis Creek Farm 2024!
We would like to give you the heads up that our on farm mobile abattoir is ready to rumble and we plan to have meat for you to buy before the end of the month.
We are very glad that we will have the ability to kill all our animals on the farm in a stress free process and environment.
We are also pleased to say goodbye to the food miles involved in transporting animals away and carcasses back.
Hopefully there will be only a few wrinkles to iron out as we fine tune our processes under the guidance of MPI.


It has been a lovely Summer with plenty of sunshine interspersed with enough rain to keep the clover powering along in the paddocks.
The heat can be hard work in the middle of the days so we often find ourselves completing jobs in the cool of the evenings.
We have enjoyed having family and friends come from all around the world to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, help with the farm jobs and enjoy a good swim.
Pohara Beach is only 5 mins from the farm and I think is nicest to visit in the evening. (The dogs agree!)


Rose has another flock of pullets growing. While Andy is flat out preparing the abatoir she is preparing new spaces for her chooks to live and lay with plenty of grass, tree cover and fun stuff to scratch and dust bath in. They have to be easily accessible for daily visits but not so close that the hens decide to visit our gardens and homes.

Farm Accommodation

Remember our Farm accommodation is available to book.
It consists of a spacious, sunny living area and sleeping loft in the house, large private, fenced grounds with shady trees, campfire, soft lawns, camping spaces, and fireplace, a bathroom/kitchen building with hot water showers flush toilets and everything you need to cook your own meals.( Bring your own ingredients or buy our farm produce.) And of course a beautiful view in  every direction, almost constant birdsong and farm bush walks.
visit:   https://airbnb.com/h/glen-rannoch-camp or email us directly with dates you are interested in booking.

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