Individual Cuts

Meat cuts packed individually in vacuum-packed sealed plastic for longer keeping. Weights as specified.

  • Beef Tri Tip

    Tri tip is a triangular cut of beef cut from the bottom of the sirloin. Rich and meaty in flavour and low in fat, tri tip cooks like a tender steak but slices like a brisket.
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  • Tenderized Steak

    Tenderized Beef Steak. Approximate packet weight to nearest 50g or 100g.
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  • Premium Beef Mince

    Best quality ground beef premium lean mince.  Approximate pack size to nearest 100g.
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  • Beef Broth and Soup Bones

    Pack of beef broth bones frozen in a box of 3 to 4 kg.  These have been cut into smaller ~10cm bits in the bandsaw especially for making bone broth.
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