12 June 2021 – Pork, Beef, and Avocados

Hello Everyone!

One more week of fresh Pork
We hope you enjoyed your taste of our free range, pure Berkshire Pork. I certainly enjoyed the steak Andy fried up for me. Especially delicious with a tamarillo sauce.

Georgie has had a busy couple of days cutting up the rest of the pork so this is your last chance to get some. After this week we will freeze anything that is left and it will be available as stocks last.

We’re figuring out how to make pork available more regularly in the future. Stay tuned!

Yummy Beef and Avocados
We also have heaps of delicious Beef and avocados on the website. How about getting a roast for a midwinter celebration. Sausage flavours this week are Chorizo, Stout Steak ‘n Onion, Cracked Pepper, Gluten & Preservative Free, and last but not least, Pork.

There is also plenty of offal and beef bones still available for those who have been asking. 

Spread the news
If you are happy with our service please tell your friends and neighbours. The more orders we have, the more worthwhile it makes our delivery trips.

On the farm
Everything is looking good on the farm albeit soggy. We were excited to receive fifty lovely looking pullets on Monday. They have settled in and should start laying in a month or so. Thanks to the Holmwoods (Pullets and Pigs) for providing such a good service. It’s great that we can buy local.

New pullets settling in to their new home

Have a Safe week

Rose and Andy and the Ellis Creek Farm Team

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