27 May 2021 – Beef available again!

Beef Available Again!
Great news –  we have a full range of beef cuts in our chiller ready for you to order. I encourage you to get in early because we will also be selling at the market on Saturday morning outside the Telegraph. We also have the farm shop open Wednesday to Friday late afternoons – follow the signs up from Clifton Corner.

Just a reminder that you can order any time between now and Sunday night for Golden Bay and Monday night for Nelson deliveries. If you’re coming to the market on Saturday you can choose market pick up on the delivery options page.

We have more chooks arriving shortly and our remainders are still producing sporadically so we will be gearing up for later in the year. A few more lessons learned from one of the farms we visited who sell eggs from about 4500 organic chooks.

We still have plenty of avocados, at least for the next 4-5 weeks. We pick these each week as they ripen.

Pork and Lamb
We have been running a small number of lambs and pigs for the last 6  months so keep an eye on the website in the next few weeks if you would like some pork or lamb. Pork will be available in a couple of weeks with lamb in about 6 weeks. We will be selling some individual cuts of lamb, but mostly pre selling halves or quarters. Pork will be individual cuts. 

We have been enjoying some delicious Ellis Creek meat pies as a trial. We hope to have the regulations ironed out soon to add these to our shop.

Andy and I had a great time traveling around Southland and Otago for a holiday, especially seeing our eldest son at his Lincoln graduation and at the deer stud where he works. We enjoyed looking over the fences at other farmers’ grass and animals but are glad to be back at our place. I think we live at one of the best places in NZ. Thankyou to Jonathan, Meredith, Rowan and Mum and Dad for looking after the farm in such a stormy week!

We look forward to seeing you when we deliver your meat and avocados!

All the best from us at Ellis Creek Farm!
Rose and Andy

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